Why blogs fail

Rather than saying bloggers fail, I think it’s more accurate to state that techniques fail.

Yes!! genuine bloggers never fail in blogging, usually the method they use to run their blog fails.

It may sound strange, but it is correct.

Because I went through all this failed blogging journey before I made a five-digit income from my websites.

So you are at the right place to learn and understand the concept of blogging which will definitely help you to scale up your website and make money out of it.

Here we start!!

Take the name of any successful blogger you know just anyone and Google their online journey.

They all struggled in the starting days of their online journey. They all started from zero but slowly and steady they scale up their business and knowledge to dominate the industry.

They kept trying different sorts of methods to establish their blog until they succeed. And you can copy their methods for your blogs too.

But those who have failed? Well, there’s something to learn from them. Many things, in fact.

It’s more important to understand the reality of the method they used in their blog which leads them to fold.

By the end of this post, you will understand what it takes to become a successful blogger.

Let’s get started.

Most of the people reading this article are here because they have fallen in love with the idea of blogging or they have fascinated themself with the lifestyle of other successful bloggers who are making millions of dollars.

Am I right? Oh, come on it’s true!!

Starting a new blog is an exciting time that is filled with a lot of hope and enthusiasm.

Here the actual game starts!

You Don’t Take Blogging Seriously

Just like any other job, if you want to have a successful blog, you can’t treat blogging as a hobby or a side project.

Blogging requires dedication and consistency. You have to produce quality content for your potential visitors on a regular basis.

It’s not like just writing 15-20 articles will help you to grow your blog.

No, not at all, you have to give time.

To run a successful blog you (ideally) want to publish at least two quality content every week. You have to find the best keywords for your blog. The more quality content you publish, on a consistent basis, the better your results are going to be.

You can see the comparison table below.

However, there are exceptions.


I have seen several people who want to start a successful blog to earn thousands of dollars without spending a single penny.

Remember, any business needs a little investment. If we talk about blogging you just have to get a domain name and a good host provider that cost as little as $3 per month (to kick start your website).

However, if you are going through a tough financial situation then you can start a blog on a free platform like blogger.com (Keep in mind the free blogging platform doesn’t perform well).

Why Successful Blogger Uses A Solid Host Provider

A good web hosting plan has numerous benefits few of them are:

For example, Here is the performance and uptime of my website:

website uptime test

Those who rely on a cheap hosting company have to face all of the above issues.

Most of the time their website is down and has security issues (check the sample result below) that gradually lead to their hard work in vain. 

website downtime test

Affordable web hosting is out there, you just have to search for it. In fact, you don’t have to bang your head here and there check out the list of the best hosting company and start your journey.

Reasons Behind The Failed Blog

As I said earlier, the steps you are taking to run your blog determine its future. With millions of blogs already on the web it is significant you understand why 98% of bloggers fail.

1. Launching Too Soon

Have you ever come across a blog post that gives you amazing insight and triggers your knowledge hunger seeking more information on that topic? But you find nothing extra apart from that single article.

What will be your reaction? Will you wait around for another article or start looking somewhere else to know more about the topic.

It’s likely that you will move on. Thus, it is very important that you launch your blog only when it has a substantial number of articles to keep your readers happy.

2. Launching Too Late

Don’t waste your time thinking too much. If you got a wonderful idea just execute it. Remember while you are sleeping others are working.

Move fast because every day 6 million blog post is published.

So, if you are still delaying in starting your blog then you are doing a huge mistake.

I frequently help people on my Facebook page and Instagram, if you are seeking personal help then you are free to contact me.

3. Not Creating Engaging Content

With so much content being produced, great content is the minimum requirement for getting in the game.

If you are not producing engaging, outstanding and In-depth content then you will lose potential visitors.

Think like a successful blogger and take the time to do all of the reading, watching, listening and thinking necessary.

Try to cover almost everything related to the topic. Suppose you want to start a blog on weight loss then figure out all the possible queries your potential readers might be looking for.

Use the tools like answer the public, the auto-suggest features of Google and Youtube and readout 10-15 other blogs to get a clear idea of what and how to write.

4. Lagging Behind On Promotions

Don’t assume that your content has magnetic power. You need to spread the word about your blog to let people know about its existence.

Even well-established blog runs ads to promote their content. You can’t just sit back and wait for the traffic to arrive.

There are plenty of ways to promote your blog: social media marketing, online communities, enabling e-mail subscriptions, and advertising agencies are few of them.

Not promoting the content is one of the main reasons for a failed blog.

5. Not Updating An Existing Post

Many bloggers don’t bother updating their existing content. Google loves updated content so it’s really important for you to update every post at a regular interval of time.

Some simple updates, tweaks and changes can be performed in a matter of few clicks. It also gives your existing or potential visitors a positive vibe for your blog.

6. Not Creating An Email List

If you have a list of email subscribers then you can easily recall your existing visitors to your blog. You just have to send an email to your subscribers about your new post, offers, tweaks etc.

Use Mailpoet service for collecting and sending emails newsletter to your subscribers. It’s free for up to 1000 subscribers.

7. Giving Up Too Easily

Remember one thing blogging is not easy. It requires dedication, patience, and willingness to do.

Somehow if your plan didn’t work then don’t just wind up, look for the methods which are not working for your blog. Take help from experts. But don’t give up easily.


It’s always frustrating when things don’t go as plan, you might well be enticed to give up.

Don’t !!

Give it one more try ‘This is exactly what successful blogger does: They never give up easily’.

Focus on creating great content, stay away from negativity, promote your blog, engage with your visitors, and for good reason spend few bucks on your blog. Never go after cheap hosting or cheap content.

Do you think your blog will survive the next year? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  1. Kya hindi me blog start kar saktey hai. Usme itna traffic aayega. Aur uska future kya hai

    1. Yes, you can start a blog in any language. If don’t correctly you can easily drive traffic to your Hindi content blog.

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