What is Off Page SEO


Off Page SEO is all about the strategies which are performed outside of a website to improve the position of web rank in search engine result page [SERPs].

Nowadays off-page SEO strategies are not only about building links and getting backlinks (what most people think). Off-Site ranking factor involves trustworthiness, relevance, and authority. And this can be achieved by getting backlinks from other reputed website or community on the internet.

We will talk more about this later but first, let me explain the importance and benefits of Off Page SEO.

What are the benefits of Off-Page SEO?

Increase in ranking – Successful Off-Page SEO strategies boost your page rank in SERPs which drives more traffic to your site.

More exposure – High page rank in SERPs means great exposure and people tend to click on the first 5 search result of SERPs (search engine result page).

If your website ranks in the top positions it will get more clicks, more visitors, and more social media mentions. If any of your posts are good enough that people love to read it there is a chance your visitors will start looking on the other post of your website.

Its a never ending sequence where one post boosts another and then to another (if all your post is really worth to read it).

What is the objective of Off-Page SEO?

Your Off-Page optimization activities tell the search engine what other thinks of your website. Having several valuable links redirecting towards your web page tells the search engine that your content is pretty good and built a positive reputation on your site.

Building a positive value to your site is the main objective of Off-Page SEO.

Factor influence Off-Page SEO?

  • Number of links to your website
  • Relevancy of links
  • Link diversity
  • Number of links from particular website
  • PA (Page Authorities) of linking page
  • Useful and Good quality post

In short, focus on the quality link rather than quantity. We will talk more about this later but before let's have a look on how links are made.

Link building strategies for your website

Over the years webmasters have been trying lots of different strategies to get a backlink to their website and they have found a number of ways to get it. Most popular ways are:

1. Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is the best way to get good quality backlinks to your website. Writing a blog post on the other related website (Website having high PR) is called Guest Blogging. By doing this you will get an opportunity to promote your own blog and name in the industry.

2. Forum Signatures – In order to get backlinks to their website many people comments or respond to queries on forums.

But how they will get backlinks?... By including the web links in their signature.

3. Comment Link – It is similar to Forum signature, instead of including links to the signature, people just leave the comment on some other website or blog to get a link back.

4. Article Directories – Also known as a content farm, by publishing your article in article directories you can get a link back to your website. An article directory accepts new articles from any contributors, but the article should be unique.

However, there is a catch

If you will try to trick search engine by building artificial links (including all the above method), you are more likely to get penalized and your website will be kicked out from search results.

Actually, link building is an easy way to manipulate the search engine algorithm and many web owner tries to take an advantage of this by tricking search engine. As a result search engine has come up with new technique know as "Black Hat SEO"

What is Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a set of unethical practice to increase a site page rank in SERPs. These practices are against search engine terms of service and can result in the site being banned from the search engine.

The two main search engine Google and Bing have openly announced the consequences of Black Hat SEO on Google's webmaster Guideline and Bing's Webmaster Guidelines respectively.

To protect the search engine results page [SERPs] from spammers Google has introduced Panda and Penguin to recognize Black hat techniques.

In addition to above and in order to provide a way to the webmaster to share the link to a website without passing link juice, "nofollow" attribute has been introduced.

This is a special tag attribute you can add to a link [For an example <a href="https://www.elegantespace.com/" rel="nofollow" >Some Text</a>] that tells the search engine not to count this particular link as a referenced website.

To save your website from being penalized you should start adding nofollow tag to all your external links, comments links, ad links, and blogroll links.

Now the question is, then how I will get good quality backlinks?

As I have mentioned it earlier, Off-Page SEO is not about quantity but it is a matter of quality links. It really doesn't matter how many links are pointing to your website it's all about from where you are getting the backlinks.

Having 5 backlinks from the reputed website say as "Huffington post" or "Matt Cutts blog" is much better than having 100 links from junk/ non-relevant website.

So try to get the links from high PR website. Yes, it's difficult but not impossible. 

Publishing an In-depth valuable content will definitely help you in getting natural backlinks to your website. Anyhow, In-Depth content is one of the main SEO strategies of 2018 you should start writing a long post and try to cover all the topics.

Social Media

Social media is a part of Off-Page SEO strategies. Almost everyone has a social media profile either on Facebook, Twitter, Google+or Linkedin. If used it correctly it can positively affect your SEO efforts in building links.

However, the links you will get from the social platform are "nofollow" links but it doesn't matter they do not have any value. Having reputed social presence drive more traffic to your website and will help you in improving page rank.

Do not forget On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO strategies support your Off page SEO efforts. The search engine crawls throughout the website and detects the internal links (which is a part of on page seo strategies) if you failed in On-page SEO your Off Page SEO effort will go in vain. 

In past, building backlinks were easy but nowadays you have to do more than that. If you have just started your website/ blog then rather than concentrating on building backlinks try to make a quality post. It will automatically drive links to your site.

Hope you have got an idea about Off-Page SEO and strategies behind it. If you have any question, comment below, I will definitely try to help you with that.


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