What is Gravatar and Why You Should Start Using it Right Away

Have you seen that grey icon shows up next to the user’s name?

Well, that is Gravatar. It is a default icon which shows next to the user’s name when they leave comments or post something on a Website.

In this article, we will discuss what is a gravatar and why you should start using it right away.

So let’s get started.

From Where Does Gravatar Comes In

Before we discuss Gravatar, we should first cover what is an avatar?

An avatar is a graphical representation of a user.

It could be the person’s picture or a random icon they want to associate with.

Back in the days, when the web was sort of anonymous, people would use icons for identification purposes.

Since it is very hard to remember names.

Avatar comes in the role because it is very easy to identify a specific image than a random name.

For example:

You can easily identify the symbol of McDonald’s, Starbucks, Facebook, Coca-cola.


As the web evolved and blogging started to become more mainstream, it was fairly hard to have an identity as a commenter.

With forums and other services, users were required to register.

Each user had their own profile, so they could easily add an “avatar” to their profile.

However, blog commenting doesn’t require registration in most cases.

So how do we identify users?

well, that is when Gravatar comes in.

What Is A Gravatar And Why Should You Add It

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar.

It is globally recognized because millions of people and websites are using them.

You might have noticed applications like WordPress have built-in support for Gravatar (that grey icon shows up next to users name).

When a user leaves a comment (with email) on a site that supports Gravatar, it pulls their Globally Recognized Avatar from Gravatar servers.

Then that picture is shown next to the comment.

This allows each commenter to have their identity throughout the world wide web.

If you want to be identified on the web, then you should start using your unique gravatar image.

At first, your gravatar might not get as much attention.

But if the same person sees your comment at numerous sites they read, they will probably end up visiting your website.

It also works like an advertisement which helps in increasing your website traffic.

If you are a blogger, non-profit, small business, or anyone who wants to build a brand, then you need to start using gravatar.

How Will I Get My Gravatar

Simple just visit Gravatar’s official website and signup (its free) with the email that you use the most often to comment.

Add an avatar of yourself.

This could be your company logo, your picture, or something unique which can be easily recognized.

Most WordPress themes already come with gravatar integration with comments.

If your theme doesn’t, then you should seriously consider adding it.

Here is a tutorial on how to change the default gravatar in WordPress.

For further branding purposes, you can change the default mystery man gravatar on your site and put something else.

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I guess you have created the unique Gravatar and I hope you liked this article.

If you have any question related to the topic please let me know by commenting below.

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