Things You Must Know About WordPress Plugins

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There is no doubt that WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) for building a website.

Millions of websites are relying on it to deliver their content.

However, with lots of merits, unfortunately, WordPress plugins have unsavory side effects, if you are not careful.

But not to worry if you will consider below tips your website will be perfect.

WordPress is powerful, easy to implement, highly flexible and has thousands of plugins which take WordPress site way beyond standard design and functionality.

It’s really easy to make your own WordPress website, you can give it a try.

In this post, I will cover the most important thing you must know about WordPress plugins.

1. Keeps Your Plugins Updated

Keeping your plugins updated is very important to make your website safe and secure, it provides better functionality and saves your site from malware and virus attacks.

Out-of-date plugins are the prime target for the intruder since it has holes and easy to attack.

Apart from updating them make sure that your plugins itself are updated.

It is strongly recommended to remove all of them which have not been updated for an extended period of time (from the past 1 year).

2. Quality Of Plugins

There is a very popular phrase “Quality is always better than quantity” on the same line of thinking you should be very selective while installing a plugin for your WordPress website.

They won’t only add extra features to your site but also responsible for the behavior of your entire website.

Poorly coded plugins can crash or slow down your website.

They may look very tempting while installing but gives you err feelings after installing and may leave the footprint behind that will be difficult to remove or delete.

So you must check a few keys such as:

  • Average ratings
  • Reviews
  • Number of downloads
  • Developer team
  • Developer support

You should also decide whether the plugins you are installing is really needed for your website.

Tips: There is no point of keeping a diesel container in a petrol car.

3. Premium doesn’t mean it is best

Along with free one, there are numbers of plugins which are premium but it doesn’t mean they are best.

It’s a psychological factor that people thinks that premium things are better than the free one.

The fact is that there are plenty of premium plugins readily available on WordPress which are full of craps which may look great but the reality is totally different.

However, well-coded premium plugins are best.

If you install the premium one which has been developed by reputed developers you will enjoy the functionality.

So don’t just google and go with whatever it shows up, check the developer details and reviews before installing it.

4. Number of plugins installed

Does it really matter?

Not at all.

Plugins are simply extra code which provides extra functionality and features to your website.

Therefore, the number of plugins you have installed necessarily not a big issue. However, it depends on how well coded they are.

It would be far better to install five light weighted plugins than bloated, resource intensive and vulnerable one.

However, sometimes having more plugins on your website may conflict with each other and hamper your website performance.

This is an issue that plugins developer faces continuously. Hence they keep updating it so that it will work smoothly with your WordPress website.

So, I advise before installing any plugins, first check the reviews, compatibility and developer team details of the respected plugins. 

5. Deactivate them if not in use

It will be great if you deactivate your back-end plugins if it is not in use.

Each and every plugin put some strain on your website and responsible for your website performance.

So, there is no point to put unnecessary strain on your website by keeping the plugins activated if it is not needed.

6. Keep updating your deactivated plugins or get rid of it

Yes, this is true, even the deactivated/ inactive plugins can cause a severe security threat to your WordPress website if you left it out of date.

So, it will be great, if you keep them up to date and the same advice goes to the themes you have installed.

I would also suggest you remove/uninstall all the plugins which are not active on your site and you have no intention of using it in the future.

Don’t just keep your website stranded with inactive plugins. Keep your website clean and tidy for better performance.

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Hope this article will be useful for you and I have no doubt that you have some excellent advice so please do not hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.

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