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Siteground Hosting Review (2024)

Based on 1 genuine customer review
siteground hosting review

$2.99 / month*

Based on 1 genuine customer review

Pricing Summary

Plan Price
Shared Hosting $2.99 - $7.99
Cloud Hosting $100 - $400
Reseller Server $4.99 - $100

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Siteground Hosting At A Glance

Wondering how good or bad SiteGround hosting is?

Which SiteGround hosting plan is suitable for your website?

Don’t worry this post will help you select the best hosting for your website. Here you can access the genuine reviews of Siteground hosting companies around the world from real people, tests, and online polls.

For more transparency, I will share performance data along with the Pros and Cons of Siteground hosting. So you can choose your hosting wisely.

Siteground comes with various prices starting at $2.99/ month, you can choose the desired plan per your website requirements.

Disclosure: Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page.

But before that have a look at a quick summary of Siteground Hosting with a star rating below.

Siteground Hosting Pros and Cons

Siteground Hosting Real User Review



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Who Is Siteground Best For?

Siteground hosting is best for individuals, small businesses, and medium-sized organizations who are looking for a reliable web hosting provider with good customer support and high uptime.

It offers a variety of hosting services including shared hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting, which makes it a good option for a range of website needs.

Additionally, it is suitable for those who are new to web hosting as the company offers a wide range of tutorials and guides to help users get started.

However, users who are looking for very specific features or have very specific requirements may consider other hosting providers that offer more specialized services.

What Products Does Siteground Offer?

They offer a variety of hosting options including shared hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting, making them suitable for both small and large websites.

All of the above products include 24/7 technical support, free daily backups, website transfer and migration.

Additionally, they offer a range of tools and features to help users easily manage and optimize their websites.

Siteground Hosting Price & Plans - 2024

Siteground offers several hosting plans tailored to meet various website needs, ranging from Starter to Enterprise levels. Each plan includes features such as high-performance servers, free SSL certificates, expert support, and more.

Shared Hosting Plan

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of sites Price
10 GB
20 GB
40 GB

Cloud Hosting

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price
Jump Start
40 GB
4 Cores
8 GB
5 TB
80 GB
8 Cores
12 GB
5 TB
Business Plus
120 GB
12 Cores
16 GB
5 TB
Super Power
160 GB
16 Cores
20 GB
5 TB

Reseller Hosting

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of sites Price
20 GB
40 GB
40+ GB

Features Of The Different Hosting Packages

  1. Shared Hosting: This is the most basic package and is suitable for small websites and blogs, where multiple websites share a single server.
  2. Cloud Hosting: It is suitable for a growing website. Since it allows you to use resources of multiple servers on a cloud architecture for better website performance.
  3. WordPress Hosting: This package is specifically designed for WordPress websites. It includes automatic updates, enhanced security, and optimized performance.
  4. Reseller Hosting: This type of hosting allows you to resell web hosting services to your own customers, using your own branding and pricing.
  5. Domain Name Registration: Siteground also offers domain name registration services, allowing you to register and manage your own domain names.

Siteground Hosting Server Test

Is sitegroung hosting a slow/fast web provider? Is their uptime OK?

To be able to answer all these questions, I’ve closely monitored speed and uptime for months. Let me show you my findings…

Siteground Hosting Speed Test

Speed is one of the most important metrics that you should always consider while choosing the hosting for your website in the first place. A faster website boosts your business and increases the number of visitors by improving the off-page SEO of your website.

A study found that a single delay can cause a 7% decrease in conversion, 13% fewer page views, and an 18%  higher bounce rate.

To check the actual speed I created a WordPress website with SiteGround hosting installed an SEO-friendly theme Astra and published dummy content.

After that, I ran a Pingdom speed test and got this result.

siteground pingdom test

You can see, our dummy site loads in less than a second. This is amazing and we should clearly understand that SiteGround hosting is really fast.

I have not stopped myself here and tested our dummy site with traffic, generated by a tool called Loadimpact. This tool gradually increases traffic by up to 100 users to perform a test for your site.

loadimpact siteground

In the graph, the blue line shows the virtual traffic and the green line is correspondence server load time. From the test result, I can easily say that if you are looking for a really fast website then SiteGround can be the preferred choice.

It’s not only me saying this, but there are also thousands of other website owners who agree with me, check for yourself.

Another Happy SiteGround Client

hosting speed of siteground

New SiteGround Load Times

Not only this there are lots of people who like SiteGround have a look at Facebook Polls.

Siteground Hosting Performance Test

SiteGround uptime is nearly 100% to be very precise it’s 99.9% which puts them among the most reliable hosts. It means your website will work around the clock.

siteground uptime

Siteground Hosting Last 10 months Uptime Results

Siteground Hosting Technical Details

They make a lot of claims about their fast servers and best in class technology. Le’s check out exactly what you get when you sign up with them.

1. SSD Space On All Plan

SSD drivers are 1000x faster than traditional HDD drives. All the files and databases are stored on their cutting edge Solid State Drive technology. No matter which plans you have selected for your website you will get SSD drives.

2. SSL Certificate

You will get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, or install your own. Siteground also accepts third-party SSL certificates.

3. CDN Availability

Cloudflare CDN makes your website load faster in any part of the world by caching its content and distributing it over multiple data centres.

When foreign visitors access your website, their CDN delivers the content much faster from the data centre closest to them.

4. NGINX Server Speed

NGINX is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.

Siteground uses NGINX web server technology to speed up the load of the static content of all the websites they host.

5. HTTP/2 Enabled Servers

HTTP/2 is the latest network protocol, which significantly speeds uploading of the website. With the help of Let’s Encrypt free SSL Certificates Siteground will enable HTTP/2 connection to your website.

6. Latest PHP Version

The latest technology or update needs PHP execution faster, you can rely on Siteground because they promptly implement the latest version of PHP on their servers.

Tenko Nikolov, Reneta Tsankova, and Nikolay Todorov started this company with a vision and are providing one of the best host service providers.

7. Data Centers Of Siteground Hosting

Siteground has 6 Data Centers in

  1. Council Bluffs, IOWA (USA)
  2. London (UK)
  3. Eemshaven (NL)
  4. Frankfurt (DE)
  5. Singapore (SG)
  6. Sydney (AU)

Which altogether host about Two million domains and growing day by day.

Siteground Hosting Frequently asked questions

Based on our test and user reviews, SiteGround is more than good. In fact, they host around 2 million websites on their server. So without any doubt, you can choose SiteGround to host your website.

You can get SiteGround hosting at a very reasonable rate of $6.99 per month. Get Now >>

Yes. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel your service within the first 30 days and receive a full refund.

The money-back guarantee does not cover cloud or dedicated hosting, and there are some restrictions on reseller plans. You must raise your request through the User Area to claim your refund.

Yes. You can choose which of the five data centres that your server is located in.

SiteGround stores 30 backup copies of your website at any time. You can restore any of these for free.

SiteGround isolates shared hosting accounts from each other, which prevents malware from spreading from one shared hosting customer to the next. The company has also rolled out more than 800 custom firewall rules to prevent malicious hacks.

You should also consider a few preventative measures to save your site from hackers by using a strong password and updating your site and its plugin regularly.

Yes. All SiteGround plans include Cloudflare CDN.

SiteGround does not include unlimited storage with their shared hosting accounts. But the storage space provided by SiteGround will be adequate for most websites.

Bandwidth is unmetered. However, SiteGround has a limit to the number of monthly users your site may host. If you hit the limit on your chosen plan, you will be asked to upgrade to the next tier.

SiteGround offers Linux hosting only. They do not offer Windows hosting.

SiteGround comes with cPanel with no extra fees for cPanel on any plan. Dedicated and cloud hosting plans also come with WHM.

Not at all. SiteGround has optimized its service for WordPress, but you can use any application that is permissible, such as Joomla and Magento. You may also want to use SiteGround’s site builder to create a website quickly and without hassle.

SiteGround offers Softaculous with more than 400 web applications — including WordPress and Joomla — to install automatically.

Yes, with top shared hosting plans (GrowBig and GoGeek), SiteGround will migrate one existing website free of charge, without downtime. This includes WordPress websites.

SiteGround provides cloud hosting instead of VPS hosting. Cloud hosting offers very similar specifications to VPS hosting, with the ability to scale up your plan on-demand. All cloud hosting packages are fully managed.

siteground hosting review

Siteground Hosting Alternative

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