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Over the past few years, lots of things have been updated and changed which emerged misconceptions about search engine optimization.

We all know SEO is an integral part of a website and online business. If done correctly, it will boost up your business or else you will be nowhere.

In order to provide the most relevant and useful content to the users, search engines continuously update their algorithms.

No wonder why so many misconceptions have emerged.

In this chapter, we will see the most common and dangerous “misconceptions about SEO”.

SEO Is A One Time Thing

No, it’s not.

Actually, SEO is a never-ending process.

You need to optimize pages, post new valuable content, attract traffic, and optimize your site on a regular basis.

If you lose consistency you probably lose page rank on SERPs.

Keep it in mind, that to reach the top of SERPs and to drag more and more traffic on their site your competitors are working hard day and night.

The time you stop focusing on SEO and website optimization you will definitely fade off from the search results.

There is no limit to what one can accomplish with SEO.

In order to provide the best suitable results and to protect themselves from spammers, Google keeps on updating its algorithm.

So it’s your turn to keep your website up to date with new trends.

You Can’t Start Now

Who told you?

Some so-called SEO experts…?

You can roll out an effective SEO strategy at any time.

It all depends on your enthusiasm and willingness to do it. Create a plan, do some research, ask experts, and implement it.

Even small knowledge can make a big difference.

Don’t hesitate to invest some time and money to learn SEO. It is a long time beneficial deal.

If you have just launched a website and think you don’t need SEO then you are wrong.

You are in a place where you can easily optimize your website to drive more traffic naturally.

SEO Is All About Keyword Stuffing

Days have gone by when search engines used to rank your page on the basis of the keyword you have integrated into your website.

It was the era when anyone could obtain a better ranking by creating a low-quality post, stuffed with keywords all over the place.

Over time things have evolved and in order to provide better content to their visitors, the search engine has updated its algorithm.

Now, to get organic traffic, you must not only depend on Right Keywords but should also create high-quality In-Depth content.

Let’s take an example of a keyword-stuffed post:

“ Best SEO company for your website. This best SEO company will definitely help you in SEO. Not only SEO our SEO company also deals with web designing and development. Contact us now to get the best SEO quotation “.

Rather than a post, it looks like spam, isn’t it…?

This type of post will not only annoy visitors but also indicates to the search engine that the web owner is trying to fool the search algorithm.

As a result, the search engine will blacklist and kick out these websites from the search results.

It doesn’t mean the keyword is not important.

It is still an integral part of SEO.

But you should know where and how to use it. Start writing content for your visitors and add keywords that flow naturally.

Absolutely not, paid search, pay-per-click, or PPC won’t help you in getting organic traffic to your website.

However, advertisements or any campaign definitely drive traffic to your website but it doesn’t mean that it will improve your web ranking in terms of organic search results.

Till you spend money on PPC you will get traffic the day you stop the campaign the visitors’ graph starts falling down.

So, learn SEO and start optimizing your website before your competitors reach the milestone.

It is important to have links pointing toward your website.

But wait a minute…!!

If you think any backlinks will help you in improving page rank in SERPs. Then you are wrong.

Having one quality backline is far better than having 20 links that are not relevant to your website. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

SEO Will Start Showing Its Impact From Next Day

No, it is a process and it will take some time.

If you think you can reach the top of the SERPs overnight then you are wrong.

You have to wait for a few days to see some significant page boost.

If you are in a hurry and want visitors as soon as possible better to go with advertisements using Google Adwords or another advertisement forum

Duplicate Content Is A Penalty

No, a big No.

There has never been a duplicate content penalty.

Perhaps Google does have a duplicate content filter, which ensures not to display the same content for the same query.

Speed Doesn’t Matter

Page loading speed does matter.

Because no one likes a slow website.

If your visitors have to wait long to see your site content then most probably they will hit the back button.

It usually happens because of a bad service provider.

So consider upgrading your host provider as soon as possible.

If you still have any confusion comment below. I will definitely try to sort it out.

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