How to Monetize Your Android App

by using Google Admob


So you took the bull by the horns and learned how to create an Android app. Congratulations. And now you want to earn from it.

There are numerous ways to monetize your Android App, but here I will tell you how you can monetize your Android application to generate a decent amount of money through advertisement.

You can place an ad in your app by using Google Admob. To start with, first, you need to create an AdMob account.

⟩⟩ To learn how to create an Admob Account Step by step (with images) click here

Currently, AdMob is offering four types of Ads and to know how to set up those ads click on the below links. 

      ♦ Banner Ad 

      ♦ Interstitial Ad

      ♦ Native Ad

      ♦ Reward Ad

⟩⟩ How to insert AdMob Banner Ad in your Android App

⟩⟩ How to insert AdMob Interstitial Ad in your Android App

⟩⟩ How to insert AdMob Native Ad in your Android App

⟩⟩ How To insert Interstitial Ad At Regular Interval Of Time

⟩⟩ How To Insert Both Banner And Interstitial Ads In Android Applications

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