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How To Monetize Your Android App

3 best way to make money from your apps

So you took the bull by the horns and learned how to create an Android app. Congratulations. Now you want to earn from your app.


There are several ways you can follow to monetize your app. And In this guide, I will tell you the 3 best way to make money from your apps.

1. Ad Revenue

This is the easiest way to monetize your mobile application. The vast majority of free apps depend on this source of revenue to remain afloat in the marketplace.

The idea is that you offer your app for free and display adverts in the app to generate income.

For example, developer of this awesome game “Ice Runner” has provided the game for free and embedded ads in it. So it’s a win-win situation for both users and developer.

By using ad networks like Admob, InMobi, Conversant you can place an ad in your app.

The most convenient ad network is Admob. Learn how to create an AdMob account step by step.

2. In-App Purchase

Most of the app downloads are free and won’t display any ads but still they make huge money.


They ask users to buy additional content or services within the app. We call these “in-app purchases.”

In multiplayer apps, such as Clash of Clans, users will always be interested in purchasing in-app items to gain the upper hand on their opponents.

in app purchase

Some other examples of in-app purchases where users pay no upfront cost but pay for gated features are:

  • A sword that gives you more power in a game.
  • A key that unlocks more features of a free app.
  • Virtual currency that can be used for purchases.

3. Upgrade To Remove Ads

Most people don’t like to see ads in their apps, and they’ll be more than happy to remove them.

Keeping that in mind, app developers create two versions of their app. One for free with ads enabled and an upgraded paid version with no ads.

The best examples are Spotify or other music apps like YouTube. 

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