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Finding a good web hosting can take a lot of time and money.

I know it better that is why I am curious to tell my journey on selecting the best hosting for my WordPress website. If you have time keep reading or else directly jump to the list of the best hosting company.

A few years back when I started my first website I was not confused while choosing the hosting provider.

I watched YouTube videos regarding how to make a website and get convinced to registered my website domain name on GoDaddy and picked the cheapest hosting plan.

I was so happy that I have got a great deal on the hosting package.

Next, I installed themes on my WordPress website and wrote a few posts and published them.

I waited for few days then months and so on…

and Guess what?

I was not getting any visitors on my website and all my hard work went to vain.

Then I Googled and asked a few experts why I am not getting any visitors on my site?

I was shocked to know that it was because of the SEO and the service provider I have chosen to host my website.

I then realize to save a few bucks I have ruined my business plan.

Hope you will not repeat the same mistake.

Then I started learning a lot about SEO and decided to move away from cheap web hosting in December 2017.

now the result is fantastic so far…

analytic report


Even my site loads faster as you can see in the Pingdom result.

site speed below 1 second


There are multiple factors that helped me in improving my website traffic and site speed, the faster and reliable hosting is just one of them and of course its a pillar.

Choosing the right, relevant and best hosting provider should be the main goal of anyone who is planning to set up a serious website.

Because sooner or later you will need one of them.

I have seen people (especially beginners) are getting confused because of different reviews and so many technical terms used by other reviewing websites

and this confusion is very obvious…

If you are a beginner you will understand this.

Now, the question is…

How to choose a suitable hosting?

Well, since I tried to make this website beginner-friendly, I have decided to make this post which will directly point you toward the best web service provider for your website.

All the reviews are totally unbiased.

Few things come to mind while choosing a web host provider.

  • It should be cost-effective (not always the prime criteria)
  • Reliable
  • Uptime and Load time (Speed)
  • Customer support
  • User-friendly Control Panel
  • SSL Certificate
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Renewing Process

A website having traffic less than 10,000 pm, shared hosting is the best option to start with. Such plans are 40 – 50% less expensive than other forms of hosting.

So If you are a new blogger my advice would be to get a shared hosting plan.

However, if you aren’t familiar with the various type of web hosting, you can check my post different types of web hosting.

What I did in order to find the best web hosting provider

  • I signed up with the 40 most popular web hosts.
  • I asked customer support to help me in setting up my website – To check how friendly and supportive they are.
  • Set up a blank WordPress website with the same theme.
  • Start monitoring their uptime and speed.
  • Published reviews.

Disclosure: ElegantEspace is reader-supported. This means I may get a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to make a purchase through our link. It helps me to maintain our website expense.


*EIG Company

The price of hosting keeps changing with a heavy discount. The price listed below may vary. So, please click on the link below to get the actual price and offer.

S. No. Host Price Rating Website

1. FastComet Hosting

how to make a website with fastcomet hosting

FastCommet comes out of the box. Nevertheless, they are truly cost-effective and one of the best host provider in the industry.

They have eight server locations in major cities like Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Dallas, Frankfurt, Newark, and Tokyo.

It also provides a one-click WordPress installation which makes it exceptionally easy to set up a brand new WordPress website.

And the best part you will get a Domain name and minimum cost with any hosting package for the lifetime.

If we talk about their customer support, they are highly professional and friendly in nature.

FastComet blew us away on several factors…

You can go with them.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Highly Knowledgeable (4.9/5)
  • Uptime – 99.99%
  • Load Time – 481 ms
  • Cost: $2.95/month
  • Rating: 9.8/10
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
  • Live Chat

2. SiteGround Hosting

siteground hosting review

Most popular and one of the best hosting provider in the WordPress Community that is why they are an official WordPress recommended hosting provider.

It hosts around 8 million domains around the world.

SiteGround offers various hosting packages and to check their performance I signed up with Start-Up Plan and analyzed their uptime, speed, and overall performance.

And the result was fabulous.

Their support persons are highly knowledgeable and responsive.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Knowledgeable (4.9/5)
  • Uptime – 99.99%
  • Load Time –  625 ms
  • Cost: $6.99/month
  • Rating: 9.5/10
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
  • Live Chat

3. Inmotion Hosting

inmotion hosting review

InMotion hosts more than 300,000 domains on their server, targeted towards bloggers.

It’s a huge number and they maintained their server pretty well.

To check what they promise I continuously monitored their uptime and speed. As promised they passed the test.

Also, their customer support is fairly knowledgeable.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Knowledgeable (4.9/5)
  • Uptime – 99.96%
  • Load Time – 657 ms
  • Cost: $2.49/month + Free domain
  • Rating: 9.5/10
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
  • Live Chat

4. TMD Hosting

tmd hosting review

No matter what you plan to build, TMD hosting can be considered to host your website.

I can understand you might have not heard of TMD hosting but they are really good.

They have data center all over the world which provides better connectivity.

Like other reliable host providers, TMD also has an option of one-click installation of popular applications like WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Nevertheless, they are truly cost-effective and one of the best host provider with fantastic customer support.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Knowledgeable (4.5/5)
  • Uptime – 99.96%
  • Load Time – 596 ms
  • Cost: $2.95/month + Free Domain
  • Rating: 9.4/10
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
  • Live Chat

5. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting review

A2 Hosting is a blazing fast host provider with amazing uptime and great support.

They even claimed to be 20x faster than their competitors.

To verify I continuously monitored their uptime and speed, the result was extremely well.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Highly Knowledgeable (4.7/5)
  • Uptime – 99.98%
  • Load Time – 305 ms
  • Cost: $2.99/month
  • Rating: 9.4/10
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
  • Live Chat

6. GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks hosting reviews

GreenGeeks has a lot of good things – Uptime, speed, and great customer support.

They have 5 data centers across the globe, choosing the right server location can have a huge positive impact on your website speed and SEO.

They also offer various hosting packages, or you can simply grab their shared hosting plan which offers unlimited resources and one free domain.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Knowledgeable (4.3/5)
  • Uptime – 99.98%
  • Load Time – 551 ms
  • Cost: $2.95/month + Free domain
  • Rating: 9/10
  • Recommendation: Recommended
  • Live Chat

7. Bluehost Hosting

bluehost hosting company

BlueHost is the first hosting platform recommended by

Currently, they are hosting more than 2 million websites.

To be very honest they are one of the most popular hosting brands but because of EIG driven company, they have few drawbacks however it can be neglected.

Apart from this, they are user-friendly web hosts in the market.

It is also the most affordable service available to you. They offer various hosting packages, or you can simply grab their shared hosting plan which offers unlimited resources and one free domain.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Highly Knowledgeable (4.7/5)
  • Uptime – 99.99%
  • Load Time – 492 ms
  • Cost: $3.95/month + free domain
  • Rating: 8.9/10
  • Recommendation: Recommended
  • Live Chat

8. Hostgator Hosting

hostgator hosting review

HostGator is a renowned company that hosts over 8 million domains and is one of the most popular web hosts in the industry.

With one click WordPress installation, it made things easier for the webmasters. That is why HostGator is the first choice for so many developers.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Knowledgeable (4.6/5)
  • Uptime – 99.97%
  • Load Time – 487 ms
  • Cost: $2.75
  • Rating: 8.8/10
  • Recommendation: Recommended
  • Live Chat

9. Kinsta Hosting

kinsta hosting review

Kinsta is a highly reputed managed host provider, they are not for every kind of website.

If you need 100% uptime, blazing fast loading speed, and amazing support, Kinsta is for you.

Basically, if you are planning to make any WooCommerce site AKA Online shopping store or a blog which will get millions of visitors where you don’t want to compromise on hosting quality in order to save few bucks, Kinsta is definitely for you.

However, for an entry-level blog, a shared hosting likeFastComet is a good choice.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Highly Knowledgeable (5/5)
  • Uptime – 99.99%
  • Load Time – 301 ms
  • Cost: $30/month
  • Rating: 9.9/10
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
  • Live Chat

10. WPengine Hosting

wp engine hosting review

WPEngine is a premium managed host provider and good for the website having millions of visitors.

For anyone who is looking for reliable and fastest hosting for their business website where 0.02% of downtime can cost you a lot, WPEngine is for you.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Highly Knowledgeable (4.9/5)
  • Uptime – 99.99%
  • Load Time – 304 ms
  • Cost: $22/month
  • Rating: 9.8/10
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
  • Live Chat

Other Hostings That Are Also Performing Pretty Well

Apart from the listed hosting company, there are few other companies that you can consider. They are performing pretty well from the past few months.

I ran some tests and found the servers of this company is performing up to the mark. That is why I have added them in my “list of the best hosting company”.


hostinger hosting

From the past few months, Hostinger is performing pretty well. Even I have seen people are choosing Hostinger over other renowned well established hosting company.

So I performed a few tests and found its worthy. You can consider hosting your website with Hostinger too.

Key Points:

  • Customer Support: Helpful and Highly Knowledgeable (4.7/5)
  • Uptime – 99.98%
  • Load Time – 404 ms
  • Cost: $0.99/month
  • Rating: 9.7/10
  • Recommendation: Recommended
  • Live Chat

Final words

Don’t lose your potential visitors.

Get the best web host provider for your website it’s just a matter of few bucks.

If you have already published your website and have an issue with speed, uptime, and support then consider switching your service provider with other companies listed above.

Some of them offer free site transfer too!

Feedback and reviews are more than welcome in the comment section below.

Also, feel free to ask me any questions regarding web hosting.

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Frequently asked questions

A search engine like Google uses an advanced algorithm to rank the web pages for their searchers.

But those algorithms still need your help to understand and rank the content of your web page properly.

If your content is not optimized, then the search engine will fail to rank your website and it won’t appear in the search result…

…because of this, you will miss out all the traffic related to your webpage.

So it is really important to do SEO for your website.

Before coming to this question it’s really important for us to understand what search engine exactly do.

A search engine like Google consists of :

  1. A crawler
  2. An Index and
  3. An algorithm

A crawler follows the link on the web 24/7 and saves the HTML version of a page in the database, called index.

The index will get updated automatically if Google comes to your website and found a new or revised version of it.

After indexing, Google will start showing your website in the search result.

Google has a complex algorithm that decides which pages are shown in which order.

How this algorithm works is a bit secret but you can start optimizing your website as per the new trends which will definitely help you in improving your web ranking dramatically.

(How exactly the search engine operates we will see in Chapter-1).

Yes, you can hire an SEO agency if they fit in below points:

  1. If you have enough budget – A good SEO agency will charge $100k for 12 months of project
  2. If they fit in your business model
  3. If they won’t lock you in contract
  4. If you are looking for long term success
  5. If you don’t have time for SEO

Of course, you can do it by yourself.

Depending on your commitment, learning enthusiasm, your willingness to learn, and how serious you are, you can do SEO of your website by yourself.

Even a small amount of knowledge can make a big difference.

Start learning now and believe me you will become a master in Search engine optimization.

A plugin like Yoast SEO has made things easier.

If you really want to learn and improve search traffic to your website I recommend you to read this guide completely (From chapter 1 to chapter 5).

Each chapter consists of valuable information skipping any topic may ruin all your effort.

In the next chapter, we will see how exactly search engine operates.

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