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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique or method which is used to optimize a website to increase the better quality and quantity of traffic through organic search results.

Now, what does it mean by quality and quantity traffic?

Getting a relevant visitors to your website is quality traffic and quantity traffic is how many people are visiting your site after clicking on the SERPs (Search engine result page).

For an example:

You have worked hard and ranked your website on the first page of Google for the keyword "Apple" and started attracting all the visitors to your website, but if the visitors are looking for the information about "Apple computer" and found your website is all about "Apple fruit".

What will they do?

They will probably bounce back on the home page of Google search result and start looking for another website. This high bounce back tells Google that people do not find what they are looking for, and Google will decrease your website ranking for the keyword Apple.

In this case, you are getting lots of traffic (quantity of traffic) but they are not relevant to your website (quality of traffic) which is not good at all and it will impact your overall website performance and ranking.

That is why proper SEO is very important to rank your website, it will not only attract quality traffic but also improves the quantity of relevant traffic.

So brace yourself for an In-Depth comprehensive guide for SEO. In this article, you will get every detail, ideas, tips, and strategies to rank your website in SERPs.

Basically, Search Engine Optimization is divided into two parts: 

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

1. On-page SEO:

The strategy which applies within the website including technical issue (i.e the quality of code, internal linking) and textual issue (quality of the post, the structure of a site, In-depth content etc) is known as On-page SEO strategies. The most important on-page SEO tips are:

  • Optimized titles and descriptions
  • User-friendly navigation
  • User-friendly content (Easy to read)
  • Text Formatting
  • Keywords
  • SEO friendly URL structure
  • Responsive layout (Mobile friendly)
  • Internal links
  • User-friendly 404 pages
  • Page loading speed

2. Off-page SEO:

Unlike On-page SEO strategies, Off-page SEO is all about the strategies which are performed outside of your website. The two main Off-page SEO factors are:

  • Link building (Commonly known as Backlinks)
  • Social media/ Digital media marketing

Off-page SEO indicates to search engine how the other website and users perceive the particular website.

In simple language, a website having relevant links or reference, pointing toward that particular site is considered as a good quality website.

The question is WHY?

The search engine especially Google always tries to provide the best result to the searchers. To achieve this, they look at On-Page SEO factors, Off-Page SEO, and some other important relevant factors.

Having said that, If your web content is really worthy and useful people will love to read it and most probably they will share your content on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc or more likely to be shared among other relevant users and community. 

It indicates Google that the content of your website is really good and people are liking it. So, they (search engine) will boost up your web ranking in search result.

All the other terms like Black hat SEO, White hat SEO, Keywords, Long tail keywords, Backlinks, Guest post, Image optimization, Content optimization etc all are part of either on-page or off-page SEO strategy.

We will go through each of them [chapter wise] but before let's have a quick look at frequently asked questions about SEO.

Is SEO really important?

A search engine like Google uses an advanced algorithm to rank the web pages accordingly. But those algorithms still need your help to understand and rank the content of your web page properly.

If your content is not optimized, then the search engine will fail to rank your website and it won't appear in the search result and you will miss out all the traffic related to your webpage.

So it is really important to do SEO for your website.

Why can't the search engine find out my website without SEO?

Before coming to this question it is really important that you understand what search engine exactly do.

A search engine like Google consists of :

  • A crawler
  • An Index and
  • An algorithm

A crawler follows the link on the web 24/7 and saves the HTML version of a page in the database, called index. The index will get updated automatically if Google has come to your website and found a new or revised version of it.

After indexing, Google will start showing your website in the search result.

Google has a complex algorithm that decides which pages are shown in which order. How this algorithm works is bit secret but you can start optimizing your website as per the new trends which will definitely help you in improving your web ranking dramatically. How exactly search engine operates we will see in Chapter 1.

Can I do SEO for myself?

Of course, you can do it by yourself. Depending on your commitment, learning enthusiasm, your willingness to learn, and how serious you are, you can do SEO of your website by yourself.

Even a small amount of knowledge can make a big difference. Start learning now and believe me you will become a master in Search engine optimization.

How much do I need to read this article?

If you really want to learn and improve search traffic to your website I recommend you to read this guide completely [From chapter 1 to chapter 5]. Each chapter consists of valuable information skipping any topic may ruin all your effort. 

In next chapter, we will see how exactly search engine operates.

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